Pacific Pathology Associates, Inc. is a private practice group of 8 Pathologist and 2 Pathologists' Assistants.

We interpret biopsies, Pap tests, and other specimens that come from 5 hospitals and over 225 private physicians' offices in 17 cities in the Mid-Willamette Valley Region of Oregon.

We offer the following services:

• Tissue processing and interpretation
Surgical Pathology results are back within 2-3 days, STAT requests can usually be accommodated for a 24-hour turnaround time if needed.

We process and interpret all types of tissue, from small skin tags to complex surgical oncology cases.

All new malignant biopsies (except skin squamous cell and skin basal cell carcinomas) are verified by at least two pathologists in house. Challenging cases are diagnosed by several pathologists in a daily slide review conference.

Archived tissue is available for testing using emerging technologies.
• Pap, HPV, CT, NG tests -
  out of the Sure Path or Thin Prep vials
Pap results are back within 4 days. If you need results sooner, a STAT note on the request will ensure faster results. Abnormal results may take a day or two longer.

We offer 4 tests out of the Sure Path or Thin Prep vials: Pap, HPV, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia.

We offer customized monthly statistical Pap results reports.

• Conventional Pap slide processing and interpretation
• Body fluids and other cytology specimen processing and interpretation
• Bone marrow biopsy and aspiration – perform procedure, processing and interpretation
• Fine needle aspiration, perform procedure, processing and interpretation
• Flow Cytometry Interpretation
• Special stains – Histochemistry and Immunohistochemistry
• Breast Cancer Prognostic Tests
• Protein Electrophoresis and CSF Oligoclonal Banding Interpretation
• Peripheral Blood Smear Reviews
• Transfusion Reaction Reviews
• We also utilize outside labs to send out tests for cytogenetics for bone marrow and blood specimens

Provider Consultation
Call us at (503) 561-5350 to receive information on how to interpret test results, suggestions on additional tests to order, or to discuss any other concern. We are available 24 hours a day.

Local processing, testing and resulting
This means your specimens only travel from your office to our local office.

We can print or fax results directly to your office, or hand deliver reports daily. We can also interface directly with your electronic medical record (EMR). Click here for more information about EMR Interfaces.

Custom Courier Services
Our drivers can pick up specimens and drop off supplies and reports at your office. The direct number to the courier services is (503) 561-5390, option 2.

Medical Directors of Hospital Clinical Laboratories

Our physicians are the Laboratory Medical Directors and perform frozen sections and interpret specimens at the following hospitals:

  • Salem Hospital in Salem, OR
  • Willamette Valley Medical Center in McMinnville, OR
  • Silverton Hospital in Silverton, OR
  • Santiam Memorial Hospital in Stayton, OR
  • West Valley Hospital in Dallas, OR